About us

Eco wash Eco Wash Auto Detailing has 9 locations, primarily in the Miami Down Town area.

Eco Wash Auto Detailing has 9 locations, primarily in the Miami Down Town area. We will provide the highest quality car wash, excellent customer service, reasonable pricing, Eco Wash will also provide immediate response to emergencies all while doing the utmost to protect the environment. Eco Wash works strictly without water, therefore eliminating the need for a water source or drainage. The ecologically-friendly system we use not only protects the environment but gives you the flexibility in our location and mobility within your garages.

We believe that our extensive experience, staff, brand and expertise, combined with commitment to environmental protection, uniquely qualifies us for the position for the Waterless Car Wash Service at your property. We would like to reiterate that Eco Wash Auto Detailing is a firm believer in committing itself to providing the highest quality service to its clients, while remaining 100% eco-friendly. We preserve our precious natural resources while not contaminating the environment. We believe that this commitment to both the environment and customer satisfaction has allowed our business to blossom to many locations.


In 2016, Eco Wash Auto Detailing was founded by Andrea Leal Chica in an effort to provide the highest level of car wash services as well as reduce the harmful environmental impact of traditional water car wash services. Ms. Leal Chica’s experience in the car wash industry is extensive. Since 2011, Ms. Leal Chica has co-founded, provided business development, oversaw operations, and built a brand for her partnership. She has built professional relationships with prominent institutions, including but not limited to Baptist Hospital, Galleria Mall, and Zip Car. Ms. Leal Chica has extensive experience in high-volume parking garages. Her team was able to compete one hundred twenty (120) car washes in one day, removing construction dust and debris, during the construction phase of Brickell City Centre. She was hired by Swire Properties for the Brickell City Centre portfolio as a direct result of being able to accomplish such a task.