About us

Eco Wash love to expand an Ecological awareness with eventual global expansion. It is time that we have more respect for our natural resource.

Car wash Eco Wash has 16 locations in Miami, Downtown Miami, Broward and now we are expanding our brand to Mexico City. We will provide the highest quality car wash, excellent customer service, reasonable pricing, Car Wash Eco Wash will also provide immediate response to emergencies all while doing the utmost to protect the environment. Car Wash Eco Wash works strictly without water, therefore eliminating the need for a water source or drainage. The ecologically-friendly system we use not only protects the environment but gives you the flexibility in our location and mobility within your garages.

We believe that our extensive experience, staff, brand and expertise, combined with commitment to environmental protection, uniquely qualifies us for the position for the Waterless Car Wash Service at your property. We would like to reiterate that Car Wash Eco Wash is a firm believer in committing itself to providing the highest quality service to its clients, while remaining 100% eco-friendly. We preserve our precious natural resources while not contaminating the environment.